Personal projects done during university courses or free time.

  • My master's thesis on applying recommender systems to online dating services. During the thesis, I implemented 5 online dating recommendation algorithms using R and C++. I then empirically compared the performance of the algorithms on a real-world historical data set collected from an online dating service.

    Download (Summer 2015)
  • Seminar report on applying multiarmed bandit algorithms and reinforcement learning to problems of targeted advertising.

    Download (Spring 2014)
  • A report I wrote for a seminar course on heuristic search. My topic was on automatically constructing abstraction heuristics for planning tasks.

    Download (Fall 2013)
  • A bunch of best-first and brute-force search algorithms for a variety of state-space puzzles and problems, e.g. sudoku, 15- puzzle and constraint satisfaction problems.

    Github (Fall 2013)
  • A small and simple regular expression evaluator I wrote to learn some Ruby and RSpec. Matches a given pattern against a given string.

    Github (Summer 2011)
  • My Bachelor's Thesis on "minimum description length principle as a model selection criteria" (in Finnish).

    Download (Spring 2011)
  • A singly linked list with iterators along with a comprehensive set of unit tests. Implemented in C++ for the course Software Design (C++).

    Download (Fall 2010)
  • Insertion sort, merge sort and quick sort implementations along with a command line program to sort files containing integers. Written in C for the course Programming in C.

    Download (Fall 2010)
  • My implementation of the A* search algorithm. Finds and displays the shortest path between two nodes in a bitmap, which consists of walls and variable cost tiles. Written in Java for Data Structure Project course.

    Download | Documentation (Summer 2010)
  • An online auction web application I wrote for Database Application Project course. The application is implemented using PHP and my own "MVC-framework".

    Demo | Source and documentation (Fall 2009)
  • A PHP-based gallery program I wrote for Digital Media Technology course (Digitaalisen median tekniikat). Client-side is powered by jQuery library, but the gallery is also useable with non-JavaScript configurations.

    Demo | Documentation (Spring 2009)
  • A food recipe program written in Java for the Programming Project course (javalabra). Experimentation with Swing-library.

    Link (Spring 2009)